nowadays more and more women are using the stocking cap  method  and we wonder why?

the answers to this question are multiple and simple.

a stocking cap method is the way to installing a wig using bald wig cap.

first, the stocking cap method will allow your wig to look natural.

your wig will appear more like your own hair on your scalp.

the stocking cap method will allow your wig to stay longer glued to your scalp, it can stay a week or two week if you keep it far away from water.

you do not have to fear anymore about  your wig going back or falls, because it will be stuck on the cap.


to do this method you will need:

*wig cap (who match your scalp color)

* scissors

*hair glue

*hair spray

*hair dryer


1- the first thing to do is clean your forehead with cotton and alcohol.

2-put on your wig hat, and make sure the stocking cap is over your.

3-  apply the hair glue just before your hair line, avoid using your finger to do that. ( apply the glue on the cap)

3- dry your first layer with your hair dryer (on cold)  

4-when the glue is dry apply the second layer of hair glue and  one layer of hair spray on top of it (it will take a little time to dry)

5-take your scissors and cut the extra cap in front of the glue. make sure you can get as close as possible  to the part where the glue dry.

6 - after cutting the extra cap you will apply the last layer of glue and dry it again, but this time don't let it dry completely, let it be tacky.

when is tacky, and piece by piece try to match your front wig with the same hair line .

you are done girl you can do your baby hair  and it is all

for more details you can watch our video...