Wearing wigs not only allow you change style so quickly, it also allow your own hair get recover if they are in poor state. While wearing wigs, it’s important to maintain your own Brazilian Hair Bundles underneath the wig cap. So when you remove the wig, it can looks better and healthier than before. If you are wondering how to protect your hair while wearing wigs, the following is a couple of tips you can use, it is also useful for your brazilian hair.

Never apply a hairpiece on wet hair.
This maybe obvious, but it worth mentioning. A wig should never applied on a wet or damp hair. If you do that, you can breeding a ground for bacteria, mold, fungi. So dry your Hair Bundles totally before wear wig.

Braid your hair.
Most common way to protect your hair while wearing a wig is braid your hair. It create perfect surface area, and can protect your hair from tangle. Doing simple cornrows is enough, please make sure, don’t braid your hair too tight so that your scalp is hurt. Once you braid your hair, wearing a wig is a breeze.

Wear a wig cap.
Wearing a wig cap can reduce friction and tangling of your hair. It can soak the sweat that might occur from high temperature, if your scalp is sensitive, it’s a very good way to wear a wig cap.

Don’t wear a wig for too long without take it off.
When you first wear wigs, it looks so good you wanna wear it all the time, but that’s not a good idea. It’s recommend take your hair piece off when you go to bed. While you sleep, your own hair and scalp need get some relax and breath. And it can extend your wig life span.

It is recommend to massage your scalp regularly, to relieve any discomfort, be gentle and be careful not to create any tangle. If you still can’t do it well, you can get advise for hair stylist.