I'm sure you too are asking yourself why your hair tangles, it is really simple actually. it tangles when the outer layer of hair, the cuticle, becomes damaged and opens up. unlike a smooth and closed cuticle that is healthy, the open layers of the cuticle become snagged on each other, resulting in tangles and knots in your hair. the more damaged the cuticle is the worse the tangles. To avoid it just follow the steps


1. condition your hair and extensions we recommend to always condition your hair after washing.

2. use a wide tooth comb or a special detangling brush is much better than a simple brush, brush your hair consistently.

3. protect your hair while you sleep

4. choose the right products

5. Braid your hair it's always a good idea to try to style your hair differently than a regular ponytail in the exact same spot every time. 





shedding takes place when we wash our hair, comb our hair or style our hair.

 so take good care of your hair because they are fragile

1.when you comb them go slowly 

2. start comb them from the tip 

3. work in small groups