for example you need a new wig for this winter how to choose between a long, medium or short wig.



             Here are some advantages and disadvantages of each of them to allow you to choose the right one for the right season.

short wigs length most of the time goes up to the neck or the end of the neck (8 inches to 12 inches ) you can also have pixie wig is a very short wig. 

 these wigs are very comfortable, they stay in place even after the wind, you do not have to always pull your hair backwards because they stay in their place most of the time. the fact that they are short allows the wind to easily pass over your neck and prevent you from getting hot at this level. this is good for hot season



the short wig can't allow you to do any style you want, for example you can't do a ponytail with a short wig because of short hair on it.


unlike short wigs, mediumand long wigs leave us the choice of several styles including the ponytail.  (12 to 34 and more).


          medium  and long wigs are very warm under the neck it's a good thing to keep you warm during the winter but a bad thing in the summer when you have to do your excises or whatever but do not worry, you can still style it in a ponytail to avoid getting hot.

as short wigs, medium and long wigs need good care but long wigs need more attention than short because they will easily get tangled.


feel free to make your choice..   where fashion meets beauty.......