Msbuy is committed to ensuring that very satisfied customers are satisfied with your product and with our service, that our hair can be reused and that after 6 months – 1 year of careful care. Please note that each batch of original hair is unique and there is not an identical bunch. This is the nature of raw hair without treatment. Please check your purchased hair before installation. Before using our hair, please feel free to comb the brush (use a wide comb to comb your curls) or wet it if necessary, but do not cut off the weft or lace until you are satisfied. If there is any problem with the hair, please return it for replacement before use.

The advantage of raw hair is that it can be shaped and treated like natural hair, but we don't guarantee any hair with chemical changes after purchase. If chemical changes are necessary, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a professional hairstylist and only continue after the hairdresser has completed the hair test, as this will allow you to test how the hair is resistant to chemicals.


Use shampoo no higher than pH 7

Shampoo at least once a week

Before shampooing, comb your hair from the beginning to the end with a brush (ventilation wig is recommended), and then use shampoo. We recommend that you spray a mixture of conditioner and water and brush your hair from the bottom up.

You can use a hair dye bottle with shampoo and water solution to squeeze and clean between the weft and scalp

It is recommended to use salon care, but if you wash your hair at home, use shampoo in the shower so that the hair can fall straight. Do not soak it in the sink

Smooth shampoo from one end to the other.

When washing your hair, do not pile your hair on top of your head or in a circle. This can cause entanglement. Instead, wash your hair gently in one direction (vertical).

Apply conditioner to your hair, then use a large paddle brush from top to bottom to the scalp. The situation is deep when needed.

Rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel. Do not rub or twist hair.

Dry and set according to designer's suggestion.

For curly hair, curl your hair when it's damned to straighten it up.

Before going to bed, according to your style, weave your hair into a loose braid at the back of your neck, two braids, a ponytail, hairpin or wrap. Consult your Hairstylist for the best sleep care for your hairstyle. When you wake up, undo and set your hair as needed


Do not wear a swimming cap or anything that covers your hair as this may cause matting.

Before swimming, comb the tangles.

Braid your hair in a big braid.

After swimming, undo the knitting. Comb your hair and let it air dry.

Continue with shampoo and conditioning instructions (please refer to instructions above).

Miscellaneous tips

While hair extensions are real, they don't absorb nutrients from the scalp as your own hair does. Heat is your biggest enemy. The more you use it, the shorter the life of your hair. If you use blow dry, flat iron or curler regularly, we can't guarantee that the hair will be smooth. We also recommend that you use a curler to curl your hair.

When sleeping, we strongly recommend that you braid, wrap or braid your hair in a ponytail to prevent tangle, especially on longer hair extensions.

Wash your hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, etc. When dust and sweat build up, the hair gets tangled. Too much wash free conditioner and other hair care products can build up on the hair and cause it to tangle

When washing your hair, always rinse down. Move the fingers horizontally between the weft yarns to clean the scalp and vertically move the fingers to clean the hair. When rinsing, do the same to ensure that all shampoo and conditioner residues are removed.

1、 Shampoo once a week

Cleaning the tissue, hair and scalp is important for the overall health of the hair. Cleaning once or twice a week is generally recommended, as this keeps everything clean and does not dry. Try adding nozzles to shampoo bottles to clean hard to reach areas.

2、 Be careful when drying

If you have time, try to dry your knitting air. This prevents fuzzing and cracking. Avoid using towels and excessive heat, but if time is tight, you can choose to dry your hair with low power. The most important tip is to let the hair dry completely. Otherwise, it will make your knitting moldy.

3、 Right product conditions

Your salon will provide the best products to take care of your knitting and natural hair, so please ask for their recommended products. Make sure to use products made of black hair and contain high quality ingredients.

4、 Sleeping with a ribbon scarf

To prevent fuzziness, damage and breakage, always tie a satin scarf on your head at night. Pillows are too abrasive, so Satin provides a smooth barrier to your knitting. Do not use wet knitting to fall asleep, otherwise your sleep will be tangled and awakened without luster.

The best way to find the right way to care for your hair is to ask the weaver. Whether your hair is curly, braided or straight, hairdressers can recommend the right products and care for you. If you find any problems with knitting, make sure to date the stylist as soon as possible. They will be able to identify the cause of the problem and tell you what nursing changes need to be made

Conditioning hair is essential for maintaining hair. However, it may cause excessive conditioning of the hair. Some signs of excessive conditioning are brittle and tangled hair. If this happens, your best resource is to use deep cleansing or cheating shampoos.

If using hair gel or other styling products, please try to avoid using alcohol products. Alcohol can make hair very dry Styling products can form deposits on the hair. It is recommended to use Deep Cleansing Shampoo once a month to remove the accumulation. Accumulation can dry hair and cause tangles. Using moisturizers can avoid this problem. If heating is necessary, make sure that the heat insulation spray is used.

When sleeping, swimming or exercising, make a few large braids (please untie your hair with a comb / brush before braiding).

If tangled - before shampooing, spray a mixture of conditioner and water and brush your hair from bottom to top. Before washing your hair completely, wet it gradually and brush it gently.

Never sleep on wet hair. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to bed