The lace wig on the forehead of human hair is natural to wear, and the lace wig in front of human hair looks like a natural hairline. Because the front lace mesh cap bottom, the wig is worn in a way that keeps your hair away from your face and reveals the natural hairline on your forehead, so you can design it with your really natural hair style!

No.1. Choose high quality 100% human hair wigs to make sure they look natural. You have a range of quality options when choosing lace front wigs. Even if a wig is described as "human hair," that doesn't mean it's 100% human hair. Sometimes human hair is mixed with animal hair, such as yak hair, Angora hair or horse hair. 100% of people usually have high quality wigs, so the price is higher.

Before you buy a lace front wig, think about how the hair was treated before making it and how it attached to the top of the wig. The best quality front lace wig is made from Remy's hair, which means that the cuticle of the hair stays in place after being cut off and adheres to the wig in its original direction and grows up to look natural. Hand knotted wigs also look more natural than those that are tied with a machine.

Choose a lace front wig, which is made of hair that is similar to your own hair. Chinese people's hair is thicker and thicker, and looks great on African Americans. Indian Remy's hair is silk and can be made into a lace wig. Almost everyone's head is very beautiful.

No.4. Use the front wig of human hair lace correctly to make it look natural. You may need to practice a few times to get a good one. Apply the lace mesh at the front to give your hairline a bond, carefully creating a natural hairline. You can also use cosmetics to further mix the area to create a more natural look.